Periodically you learn something new

This blog all started out sitting at the bar here at vaquero, the conversation flows and as I have been asked many times before by local costa ricans, what goes into the beer and whats the process. I usually try to keep it simple and just keep it down to the basic recipe and what we use to make beer, you can make things very complicated by going into the micro biology of the yeast, or start talking about the different sugars you hope to obtain from your mashed malt, this is usuaslly proceeded by a glazed look and a the post


Hello beer fans, Exciting times at the brewery, tomorrow our new 4bbl brew kettle is being shipped all the way from Goonie land the beautiful Oregon down to Tamarindo Costa Rica, all thanks to Portland kettle works. I can not wait as this finally means I get to max out our 7bbl fermentors, currently I brew 3bbls of beer and double batch to fill up those bad boys and was always left a little short but now no more now with the same amount of work I can fill those bad boys up brimming to the top. Keep those eyes the post


The growlers are racked and stacked.

The howler monkeys have been hollering all morning beside the brewery, seems they want to tell everybody about that we got new growlers in stock in the brewery and EAT @JOES surf diner, so come on by and pick up your Pirate girl GROWLER for our always famous witch’s rock pale ale or if your feeling in that type of mood then grab a bad cat GROWLER and fill her up with true malty Gato malo. Come by the brewery or EAT @ JOES and ask any of our bar staff for more info. Beer to take and enjoy where the post

Waxer and the madness of March

 March is upon us and we have been bombarded from all fronts. By land : Happy people coming in their droves, to drink and be merry down here at the beach and your making this brewer really work for his money and I have been doing double batch’s in one day to get the most out of our 3 bbl system……let’s just say that at the end of a 16 hour day brewing, I was tired and thirsty, good job I didn’t have to walk far to get a beer. ByAir: This time of year is notorious for its good the post


Tonight I am using a thing called Websters logic, which basically means don’t put off things till tomorrow, that can be done today! With that in mind, most of us have got to go into work tomorrow and although i live in paradise, thats no exception, it’s just easier to get out of bed. 5 am start, fire up the brew house, mash in, recirc, lauter, sparge, boil, over to the fermenter, pitch the yeast and………..wait for that wonderful sign that your yeast is happy, with lots to eat and having a great time converting all those sugars into lovely the post

Volcano Brewing Company Moving to Beaches of Playa Tamarindo


….. It’s official: Costa Rica’s only brewpub is moving to the Pacific Coast and breath-taking beaches of Playa Tamarindo in Guanacaste. Since first opening it’s doors in 2011, Volcano Brewing Company has been providing delicious microbrewed beer, tasty cuisine and plenty of smiles & unique experiences to a large part of northern Costa Rica, both locals and visitors alike. With a long-awaited plan for expansion in brewing capacity underway, and with a desire to be near the sand & surf of beautiful Playa Tamarindo, Volcano Brewing Company is beyond excited to open its new location. “With our focus on quality the post